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How to (properly) self-tan your face

How to (properly) self-tan your face

Our team of tanning experts have simple steps to help you achieve a flawless face tan every time!

When it comes to self-tanning your face, it can seem intimidating at first! Our team of tanning experts have formulated this simple guide so you can easily achieve your best self-tanning results. 

Our product development team has spent years formulating a face tan, changing the tanning game forever. Loving Tan Deluxe Face Tan has a gentle formulation designed specifically for your face and décolletage. Including a hydrating base infused with antioxidants, including aloe vera, green tea, pomegranate and açaí berry, Deluxe Face Tan will enhance your complexion while a natural, luminous tan develops. 

We have recently added to our face tanning range with our 97% certified organic and naturally derived Purest Face Tanning Serum. Infused with Chamomile, Cocoa and Elderflower extracts, this luxuriously lightweight formula enhances your complexion while your tan develops. The natural colour guide makes for the perfect application each time.

Here is how you can add these face products and elevate your tanning routine:

Step one: Exfoliate your face

Preparation is key for tanning, including your face. Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser or scrub — either physical or chemical is fine. Just be sure to choose one that doesn't contain oil, which can keep the self-tanner from absorbing properly. We recommend doing this 24 hours before you self-tan. 

Also, facial waxing (like eyebrows) or treatments are not recommended before tanning. You will want to give your skin at least 24 hours to recover before applying your tan to avoid patchiness or discolouration. 

Step two: Prepare your skin

Residual products like makeup or oils can create a barrier to the skin and stop the tan from developing or developing unevenly - which is not what you want. This is why it is so important to cleanse and wash your face of all products before tanning. 

Step three: Application 

For the best results, we recommend tanning your face before tanning your body. Put some of your chosen Loving Tan face tanning product onto your fingertips and apply it to your face and décolletage in small circular motions. Ensure you blend the product into often-forgotten areas like your hairline, neck and ears for a seamless result. Don't forget to rinse your hands from any remaining tan before moving on to the rest of your tanning routine. 

After you leave the Loving Tan Deluxe Face Tan on for two hours or six hours for your Loving Tan Purest Face Tanning Serum, you're free to rinse it off and reveal your radiant, gorgeous face tan. 

Step force: Refresh and repeat 

It should be no surprise that you wash your face more thoroughly and frequently than the rest of your body - looking after your skin is important! This means that the tan on your face may fade faster than the tan applied to your body. You can refresh and maintain your face tan by reapplying your Loving Tan Deluxe Face Tan or Loving Tan Purest Face Tanning Serum every few days to enhance and refresh your bronzed complexion over and over again. 

If you’re looking for more self-tanning tips, check out our guide on How to Self-Tan and Achieve Professional-Looking Results, According to the Sunless Tanning Experts

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