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Tantouring 101: Your guide to the TikTok trend

It’s time to learn TikTok’s biggest self-tan trend – tantouring! Here is exactly how to achieve your perfectly sculpted results using self-tan that has been tried, tested and approved by the Loving Tan tanning experts. 

The latest self-tan trend, tantouring, has taken TikTok by storm. Beauty and skincare lovers have discovered a way to achieve long-lasting and effortlessly sculptured results without makeup. Now, you too can capture that effortless “makeup but not really makeup” look from the moment you wake up. 


What is tantouring?

Tantouring is exactly what it sounds like—it’s the combination of tanning and contouring! This technique uses self-tan to accentuate or enhance the shape or structure of your face in place of normal makeup contour. This means that you can still achieve effortlessly contoured results without wearing makeup at all. 

While it sounds simple in theory, in practice, there are a few handy tips and tricks for the ultimate tantour finish. Here’s our ultimate guide on how to tantour.


Your ultimate how-to tantouring guide


1. Remove any existing tan with the Deluxe Tan Remover and exfoliate your skin with the Tan Removing & Skin Polishing Glove 24 hours before you apply your new tan.

2. If you’re planning on tanning your entire body too, ensure that you apply a layer of Deluxe Face Tan to your skin to ensure that it blends into your mousse tan. Remember to wash your hands after applying your face tan with your fingertips to prevent any unwanted staining. 


3. Using either your chosen Loving Tan self-tanning mousse or Deluxe Face Tan, take a makeup brush and apply the product to areas you typically contour. Opt for a smaller blending brush to apply to more precise areas. If you’re opting for a mousse rather than a face tan, we love using our 2 HR Express Mousse due to its accelerated rinse of time!

4. Rinse your face after 2 hours to reveal your gorgeous, contoured results. Your results will continue to darken and develop for up to 24 hours. 


5. Of course, nothing lasts forever, so be prepared to reapply the tantouring process every three to four days on average. 

With these easy tantouring steps, you can achieve maximum impact with minimal effort. Our experts loved how it reduced the number of steps in their everyday routine and the natural-looking results, and it is one of our favourite TikTok trends so far.

We are so excited to see your Loving Tan tantouring results! For a chance for your results to be featured, tag us on socials at @lovingtanofficial.


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