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Jet, Set, Glow: Your Tanning Travel Guide

Dreaming of sun-kissed adventures around the globe? Our tanning travel guide is your ticket to a flawless glow wherever your wanderlust takes you.

Whether you're chasing sunsets in Bali, sipping champagne in Parisian cafes, or exploring the hidden gems of bustling cities, your tan shouldn't miss a beat. So buckle up with this Loving Tan tanning travel guide, maintaining your flawless tan is easy no matter where in the world you are. 

What to pack:

The tanning must-haves

It’s all down to how long you’re planning your vacation, but don’t leave home without your Loving Tan essentials! Keep it light with your other routine essentials and pack travel-sized versions of your moisturiser and any other products your skin craves to stay hydrated and happy.

Less than two weeks:

More than two weeks:

Take all the same essentials for a trip less than two weeks plus...

Tan-friendly threads

Make sure to pack your suitcase with dark, loose-fitting clothing so you have something to wear with your mousse or gradual tan applications and don’t need to worry about any colour transfer.  

A leak proof makeup case

Not even your favourite Loving Tan mousse is invincible against sudden air pressure changes. Separate from your makeup stash, make sure to pack your tan in a leak-proof makeup case to shield your belongings from any unexpected tan leaks due to air pressure changes. This will ensure that nothing—not even your beloved Loving Tan— causes a mess during your travels. Because, let's face it, nobody wants their wardrobe or makeup bag to fall victim to a rogue tan spill!

Pro tip: To be extra cautious, put your mousse into a zip-lock bag in your leak-proof makeup bag for extra safety! 

Maintaining your tan:

Now, for the fun part! As mentioned above, it all depends on how long you plan your vacay, so follow the easy steps below on how to maintain your tan all vacation long! 

Before you leave

With all the excitement leading up to your trip, it's essential to tan before you hop on your plane and start your adventure. We recommend tanning the night before your flight so that your tan fully develops and darkens by the time you reach your destination.

Be sure to moisturise 24 hours after rinsing off your tinted colour guide to lock in as much hydration as possible (aeroplane air can be really drying)!



While you’re having the best time on your vacation, ensure that you keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and applying moisturiser every day. Re-apply your Deluxe Gradual Tan and Deluxe Face Tan every other day to help maintain your tan and prolong your results for up to two weeks.


Show your tan some love by avoiding activities that could sabotage it. Skip the chlorine dips and hot tub hangs, and don't forget to reapply sunscreen like it's your job — your skin (and your tan) will thank you later. If you're spending time in the pool or ocean, rinse your skin in fresh water after swimming and keep up with your maintenance routine to ensure your tan stays fabulous!

For those embracing the 'less is more' mantra during their escapades, Loving Tan's Deluxe Face Tan is the perfect travel companion. Say goodbye to the hassle of makeup touch-ups under the summer sun; with the lightweight Deluxe Face Tan, you can easily achieve a radiant 'no-makeup' makeup look and ensure you stay fresh-faced and effortlessly sun-kissed from sunrise to sunset.

Instantly Glow

Uh-oh, seeing signs of tan fade? No sweat! You’ve got your Loving Tan goodies for quick touch-ups on the fly. Whether it's a quick application of Gradual Tan or a dusting of Bronze Shimmer Cream, your tan is back on point in no time. For instant results, pop some Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream on to instantly bronze, illuminate and enhance your skin. Best of all, you can easily remove it at the end of the night with warm soapy water. 

Freshen up

Nothing lasts forever, not even Loving Tan. If you’re planning for some serious relaxation and taking a trip longer than two weeks, you’ll need to do a fresh application while you’re away to keep your results looking flawless. Make sure you remove your residual tan the night before with your Deluxe Tan Remover and Tan Removing & Skin Polishing Glove. We recommend taking your 2 HR Express Mousse as your product of choice to save those hotel sheets from any unwanted colour transfer! 

With Loving Tan in your bag and our tanning tips in mind, you're ready to vacation with confidence. Here's to jet-setting, globe-trotting and many sun-kissed adventures with Loving Tan by your side! 

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Jet, Set, Glow: Your Tanning Travel Guide

Jet, Set, Glow: Your Tanning Travel Guide

Whether you're chasing sunsets in Bali, sipping champagne in Parisian cafes, or exploring the hidden gems of bustling cities, your tan shouldn't miss a beat. So buckle up with this...

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